Hello my lovelies! Today’s venture into beauty brings us to eyeliner. Your eyes are the window to your soul, and they are as unique as you are. If eyeshadow is the little black dress of your eyes, then the eyeliner is killer heels to go with that dress. Eyeliner can make a great eye look become amazing.

If your eyes are your best feature, play it up! Use that to your advantage! Dress your eyes up, make them stand out, nobody will miss them if you ensure they are displayed as much as possible.

There are many options on how to use eyeliner. Bottom lid, top lid, winged liner, something basic, or even a dramatic eyeliner. And let’s not forget the range of colors you can use as eyeliner. Brown, black, white or any color under the sun.

You also have lots of options on the formula, pencil, liquid, gel, or even using powder (I have used black eyeshadow to line my daughters eyes, as it was less irritating than pencil or liquid).

So what is an aspiring makeup guru supposed to do? Practice, practice, practice. Play around with types of eyeliner, and what looks best for your eyes. If you don’t like the way it looks, was it off.

But one word of caution, if you are applying eyeliner and taking it off frequently, you may irritate your eyes and the sensitive skin surrounding them. Make sure you remoisturize, and it would be a good idea to also use a primer. I would recommend using face wipes that contain Micellar water as they usually get off the product with little rubbing.

My one biggest pet peeves is when women line their entire eye in eyeliner, and nothing else. I’m sure you’ve seen these women out there. They are usually of a certain age, looking older due to heavy smoking. They haven’t used a skin care product since they got the free makeover at Macy’s when they were in high school. The only other makeup they may use is some foundation (or shudder only concealer) and perhaps some blush. Please don’t be this woman.

Do yourself a favor, practice, ask a friend for feedback (that you trust), and look up some good tutorials online. But please don’t be afraid to try, fail, and try again.

You are beautiful just as you are, and don’t ever feel you need to wear makeup for anyone else.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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