Double Feature – Clue

This movie is one of my favorites, it’s one I will watch all year long. Why did I choose it for this month as a family friendly movie? Well, there isn’t any gore, sex, violence, it’s rated PG. There is some dialogue that may be a bit adult themed, but honestly it’s a movie based off a classic board game. And it stars Tim Curry.

I do reserve judgement to when people were first introduced to Tim Curry. Which movie they first saw him in. If Hollywood gets the idea to redo this movie, I will protest, this one is a classic that should never be remade, as it’s got a cast that cannot be duplicated. But enough about what shouldn’t happen. Let’s talk about what did happen.

1950’s New England. A big creepy house, a dinner party of only 6 people. A butler, maid, and cook. And the a 7th guest arrives. After dinner, there is a dead body. The remaining part of the film is the investigation into the murder, however more murders occur.

I wish that the film distributors kept the original option for the ending. Having three different endings and not knowing which one you get until you watch it. But alas, the streaming version and DVD all have the three endings of what could/did happen.

So if you want to know who killed Mr. Boddy, then please, put on your nicest outfit, sit at the table (it is a dinner party), have a sip of brandy in the library, and try to figure out who did it, with what, and where before the end of the movie.

  • Tim Curry is Wadsworth
  • Martin Mull is Col. Mustard
  • Madeline Kahn is Mrs. White
  • Michael McKean is Mr. Green
  • Leslie Ann Warren is Miss Scarlet
  • Christopher Lloyd is Professor Plum
  • Eileen Brennan is Mrs. Peacock.

Enjoy your movie, it offers some tasty treats (monkey’s brains for dinner), and some after dinner drinks to die for! Please silence all phones, and sit back and relax.

Coming Soon!

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