Movie – Zombieland

Happy October!! This month is full of excitement, fun, thrills, chills, and just a little spooky horror to make it interesting. This month, you will be getting the standard fare of true crime, paranormal, recipes and skin care; but you will also be getting a double feature of movies as well. I’m trying to share both family friendly movies and ones that may not be good for the PG crowd. All with a horror or Halloween theme.

Today I’m starting with Zombieland. This may not be a scary movie as others on my list, but for younger kids it may be a little too much. I however, LOVE it!

Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee, Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus, Emma Stone as Wichita, and Abigail Breslin as Little Rock. The movie starts out in Texas, and we hear from Columbus on how the United States of America became the United States of Zombieland.

There are memorable lines, and times when you will laugh out loud. The ad-libbed Hannah Montana scene was hilarious. And it all ends at Pacific Playland, after the quartet kill an acting legend. (No spoilers if you haven’t seen it).

But will there be a cure for the plague of the 21st century? Will Columbus and Wichita finally kiss? Will Tallahassee get his God-Willing twinkie?

You will have to cuddle up, pop some popcorn, and watch Zombieland to know all that happens on a cross country road trip, with four trigger happy survivors, and one Hummer filled with guns.

Enjoy your show, Concessions available in the lobby, please no smoking or pirating.

Coming Soon!

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