Double Feature – Casper

For our double feature, we are offering the movie, Casper. A great October/Halloween family movie, rated PG. I remember when this movie first came out, everyone wanted to live in the haunted house and be friends with Casper.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is at the beginning, a great little cameo of Dan Aykroyd. He’s one of my favorites and in more movies that you may realize. However, any preteen girl who has watched the movie will always remember the iconic line, “Can I keep you?” We all swooned when we heard those words.

Now the movie has some bigger stars in it and some animated stars too:

  • Christina Ricci as Kat
  • Bill Pullman as Dr. Harvey
  • Cathy Moriarity as Carrigan
  • Eric Idle as Dibs

No spoilers: Dr. Harvey and his daughter Kat are contacted to help spirits cross over to the other side. Yes, he’s a ghost therapist, who encourages them to finish their unfinished business and move on to their afterlife. Arriving at the house, they eventually meet the spirits living with them. But because they arrive at the most haunted house in town just in time for the class Halloween party, which gets hosted at their house.

Kids being kids, there are some rotten ones in the bunch but luckily the friendly ghost, Casper, is there to help his new friend Kat. It’s a cute story about friendship. It’s great for kids, and families to have a movie night. Be sure to have those little fun size candy bars, some apple cider, and a good time.

Coming Soon!

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