Movie – Interview with a Vampire

Today’s double feature starts with a movie that I had watched when it came out, and hated. I love Anne Rice, and her books are amazing, but the movie version of this book, I disliked entirely. But I watched it a couple more times, and began to appreciate the movie more, as I slowly realized that the movie didn’t necessarily take away from the book.

There are some big names that appear in this movie:

  • Brad Pitt stars as Louis
  • Tom Cruise stars as Lestat
  • Kirsten Dunst stars as Claudia
  • Antonio Banderas stars as Armand
  • Christian Slater stars as Malloy, he is the interviewer

There are other cameos from stars who weren’t as well known at the time, and it’s an absolute pleasure to see them on the screen.

I promise no spoilers, but the movie begins in New Orleans, and finishes in San Francisco. Between the beginning and the end we are transported around the world and travel with Louis, Lestat, and Claudia for the majority of it.

But it gives us the non-romantical side of vampires. Traditionally we picture vampires in rented formal wear, with cheesy Euro accents, who try to romance the women (and men) they want to share eternity with. But like I said, this is the non-romantical side of being a vampire. We show them living(haha) as a family unit. But lest we forget, these are vampires, and there is plenty of blood, and dead bodies along the way.

The movie is rated R, so I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a “scary” movie, but I wouldn’t let my kids primarily watch it.

So if you are in the mood for a vampire movie, with enough blood, humor, and dialogue to entertain you, slip into some pajamas, grab a slice of red velvet cake with a glass of burgundy, and watch the movie, Interview With A Vampire.

Coming Soon!

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