Sensabaugh Tunnel

Welcome to Kingsport, Tennessee! Home of the Sensabaugh Tunnel that was built in the 1920’s, and named after Edward Sensabaugh who owned the land at the time. It has now become an Urban Legend of paranormal prominence.

There are three versions of the history of the Sensabaugh Tunnel. Which one do you feel is the most accurate.

In the first version, Edward had let a homeless man into his home. Their guest tried to steal from them, and when Edward confronted him, the man kidnapped Edward’s daughter and drowned the baby in the tunnel.

The second version claims that Edward went mad and killed his entire family. Afterwards he put their bodies into the tunnel.

The third version states that Edward lived until old age, passing away in the 1950’s, none of his children had died in their childhood. By time he grew old, vandals and teens hand used the tunnel for their fun, Edward wasn’t happy with this turn of events. Therefore he would hide in the back of the tunnel and produce a piercing eerie shriek, that would scare off anyone who were in the tunnel.

The legend around the baby cries and the footsteps inside the tunnel have been claimed since Edward died. However if you choose to check it out for yourself. Drive your car into the middle of the tunnel and turn it off. Some people have claimed that when driving through, a woman appears in the backseat of the car.

Are you brave enough to check it out?

You can find the tunnel just off Big Elm Road in Kingsport, TN. Rumors of murder, death, and satanic rituals surround the tunnel. The residents feel it is a place of evil and should be avoided. Please be safe and be sure you have permission to check out the tunnel.

Happy Haunting my Friends!

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