Hello my beautiful lovelies! We are back for another post about beauty and skincare. Today we are looking at mascara. Mascara, the draperies to the window of your souls.

Mascara is one of those things that seem to complete the makeup look you are going for. It may make your eyes seem finished or elegant. Mascara can also be used to have a no makeup makeup look. A little powder, a swipe of gloss, maybe a tap of blush, and mascara, boom — girl next door, no make up beauty.

But mascara seems to be a torture device. One wrong slip and you get a black poison coated pipe cleaner in your eye, momentarily blinding you and making your eye water just enough to destroy the other work you may have done on your face. But practice makes perfect and it all comes down to going slowly.

Let me repeat that. You can’t always rush to put on mascara. Go slowly and be sure to make the mascara face. Tilt your head back, open your eyes widely, and open your mouth. Most women (and many men) know the look, but if you don’t know, I have added a picture (not me) of the mascara face.

A tip that I can also offer, when applying the mascara, applying thinner layers a couple of times would be better than applying one thicker coat, one time. Use the wand and wipe off excess product either back into the tube or on a tissue. You will find that applying thinner layers and building it up gives you a better end result. And let them dry between layers.

Now there are many, many mascara products out there. Volumizing, lengthening, waterproof, non-smudge. And then the wands in each of these formulas are all different as well. Straight, curved, twisted, extra long. So which one do you choose?

You will not be happy with this answer, it’s really your choice. I recommend a reasonably priced store brand, currently I enjoy the Ulta brand mascara, Twisted Volume Maximum Performance Mascara. Not only are the bristles about an inch long on the wand, but you can twist the end to increase the volume. There are four options for you to twist the wand. The more you twist, the more volume you get.

But whichever mascara you choose to use, keep practicing, try different brands, formulas, and techniques. But the one thing I will strongly state, DO NOT USE EXPIRED MASCARA! It can seriously hurt your eyes. Throw it away, and buy a fresh new tube. Do not jeopardize your eye health.

As always, you are beautiful as you are, and if you choose to use makeup, please do it for yourself, you don’t have to change anything that makes you, you, for anyone else.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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