Double Feature – Little Vampire

One vampire movie is never enough. This is the family friendly version of a vampire movie. Little Vampire was originally released in 2000, and is rated PG.

Young Tony Thompson has just moved to Scotland (A girl can hope to do that too) with his parents. And he’s bored, and his imagination starts working. He imagines himself to be a vampire. Until he actually meets one.

His newest friend is named Rudolph and he has a big favor to ask of his new human friend. He needs to have Tony help him save all the vampires that are on the planet. Well Tony has the best friend he always wanted and if he wants to continue to have adventures with him, he has to help.

Not only do these two young boys get into trouble, mischief, and danger, they become the best of friends. This movie is wonderful for younger kids and older kids (unless they are too cool) but families will enjoy having some Milk Duds and Hot Cocoa with this movie.

  • Little Vampire stars:
    • Jonathan Lipnicki as Tony
    • Rollo Weeks as Rudolph
    • Richard E. Grant as Frederick
    • Tommy Hinckley as Bob

I hope you enjoy this movie either with your family or on your own. Sit back on a comfy chair, have some seasonal candles burning and have some fun with Tony and Rudolph.

Coming Soon!

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