Movie – John Carpenter’s Vampires

I have loved vampires and the legends that surround them for as long as I can remember. And this movie is one of my absolute favorites for vampire movies.

This is definitely not a family movie as it is rated R, not only for the language, but the violence and blood. Definitely not suitable for children. And maybe even some adults. But if you are in the mood for a spin on the Vampire legend, and you want a little humor and James Woods snarkiness, then look no further.

The movie is set in the New Mexico desert communities. You learn about the hunters, you learn about the vampires, and you won’t see the twist coming. At least I didn’t the first time I saw it. But it’s certainly a great movie to enjoy after the kids are in bed and you can dim the lights, enjoy some red jello, and watch a good movie about Vampires.

  • The movie stars:
    • James Woods as Jack Crow
    • Daniel Baldwin as Montoya
    • Sheryl Lee as Katrina
    • Thomas Ian Griffith as Valek

Released in 1998, I still reach for this movie when I’m in the mood for some vampire fun. Please check it out and enjoy the movie!

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