Double Feature – Monster House

Monster House is an animated movie from 2006, that takes place at the end of October. DJ and Chowder are best friends and believe that the house across the street from DJ is possessed. The adults don’t believe him. Nor does his babysitter, Zee.

Jenny is out selling candy for her school and attempts to sell at the house across the street, DJ and Chowder stop her for her own safety. When the mean old man who lived in the house apparently dies, DJ, Chowder, and Jenny realize they need to destroy the Monster House.

  • Monster House has the voice talents of:
    • Mitchell Musso – DJ
    • Sam Lerner – Chowder
    • Spencer Locke – Jenny
    • Steve Buscemi – Nebbercracker
    • Catherine O’Hara – Mom
    • Fred Willard – Dad
    • Maggie Gyllenhaal – Zee
    • Jason Lee – Bones
    • Kevin James – Officer Landers
    • Nick Cannon – Officer Lister
    • Jon Heder – Skull
    • Kathleen Turner – Constance

I hope you find Monster House as fun and exciting as my family has. We watch this one year round and it never fails to entertain. Enjoy your movie!!

Coming Soon!

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