Movie – Scream

Hello everyone! We have a great movie double feature today. For those who appreciate the movies that are rated R, I have a classic from 1996 that nobody really saw the twist coming. I still try to see it when I watch the movie and honestly, it’s too good to even worry about. Pop some popcorn, grab your sodas, be sure to put the phone on silent, and whatever you do, don’t say, “I’ll be right back.”

Scream is a teen movie, that seemed to be popular in the mid-late nineties. But it has an all star casting with names you will recognize from other movies previously mentioned, or movies to come.

  • Drew Barrymore – Casey
  • Neve Campbell – Sydney
  • Skeet Ulrich – Billy
  • Matthew Lillard – Stuart
  • Courtney Cox – Gale Weathers
  • David Arquette – Deputy Dewey
  • Jamie Kennedy – Randy

Sydney’s mother was killed and she now lived with her father. The killer is behind bars, but more murders start that seem to be related to this dark event in her past. When teens are being attacked and killed everyone becomes a suspect, and Sydney can only trust her boyfriend, Billy and her father. As the bodies start piling up the murderer seems to be getting closer and closer to Sydney.

Enjoy your movie! Be sure to silence your phones, enjoy treats from the concession stand and settle in to Scream!

Coming Soon!

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