Movie – The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is a 1980’s teen horror classic. This movie starred big names from the time, and still names that are still popular. We all wanted to move to California, ride a motorcycle and change our name to Star.

The movie was released in 1987, and was about two teen boys who move to Santa Clara with their mother. She is recently divorced and returning home to live with her father. As they all try to adapt to the new town, the oldest son Michael, falls in with a group of kids who are not as they appear. The youngest, Sam, meets two boys who run a comic book shop for their parents, and hunt vampires.

Soon Michael begins to turn into a vampire and Sam and his friends rush to find a way to save Michael, and kill the vampires who are hunting them. This movie is one of my favorites, filled with 1980’s fashion, music, and hair.

  • The Lost Boys stars:
    • Jason Patric – Michael
    • Corey Haim – Sam
    • Corey Feldman – Edgar
    • Dianne Wiest – Lucy
    • Kiefer Sutherland – David
    • Jami Gertz – Star
    • Alex Winter – Marko
    • Jamison Newlander – Alan
    • Edward Herrmann – Max

A perfect movie to watch with the lights off, a buttery bowl of popcorn, Double Stuft Oreos and rootbeer (Just not Grandpa’s on the second shelf.)

Coming Soon!

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