Double Feature – Teen Witch

When this movie came out in 1989, I immediately fell in love with it. It was a teenage girl, who was not the most popular in school, but learns she is actually a witch!

Louise Miller is almost 16, and the one thing she wants most is to kiss Brad Powell, and to not be a nobody any longer. One night while out riding her bicycle, she gets hit by the very same Brad in his car, thankfully she wasn’t hurt but she now can’t get home as the bike’s tire is ruined. Instead of accepting a ride with Brad and his girlfriend, Louise goes to the nearest house to use the phone.

Enter Zelda Rubinstein as Madame Serena. Her house is one that I could only hope to acquire, filled with all the stuff shown as well. Spending her last few dollars for a fortune reading, Madame Serena studies her palm and provides Louise with some optimism. Until she realizes what she’s actually looking at, another witch!

Helping Louise learn the basics and then tackling bigger spells to get the guy of her dreams and the popularity she so desperately wants, but after she gets it, does she still want it?

This is a great movie to watch for anyone who wanted to be the popular one, but didn’t have their own Madame Serena to make it happen!

Coming Soon!

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