Tennessee State Prison

We have heard about prisons being over crowded, violent, and even so high security that you need a papal blessing to gain entry. But inhumane treatment is also something rampant in prisons across the world. Sadly those abuses continue to this day, and when they have happened in the past, the residual energy can create some ghostly phenomena.

Before you go to Nashville, TN, to try and tour the Tennessee State Prison, know that it is closed to the public and access is strictly prohibited. But that doesn’t stop us from at least reading about the paranormal activities that go on there.

The prison was used for various films such as The Green Mile, and had housed various inmates, such as James Earl Ray, who was accused of killing Martin Luther King Jr. Even though the prison is now abandoned, and in extreme disrepair, it’s not vacant. The spirits of those that lived and died within the walls, may still remain inside.

Those who have ignored the no trespassing signs, and made it into the derelict prison, have been witness to a variety of paranormal. Visitors have heard screams from those prisoners who had been executed by the electric chair, footsteps have been heard, and the sounds of prisoners long departed clanging objects against the bars in their cells reported.

Again I remind you that the building is not safe, it is in disrepair and it may not be structurally safe for people to be inside. But walking outside the prison, you get a sense of the unrest inside. Check out the property and take plenty of photographs perhaps you might still see a spook, specter, or ghost.

Stay Curious my Friends!

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