Danvers State Insane Asylum

In 1878, the Danvers State Hospital was opened after four years of construction. There were two main buildings in the center, housing the administrative offices. Four radiating wings were on either side of the Administrative block. There were additional buildings behind the main hospital for the staff. Male and female patients were segregated to either side of the hospital, the outer most wards were for the most hostile patients.

The hospital was originally designed to hold 500 patients who were mentally ill. With the attic space would allow an additional 1000 patients. In the 1930’s and 1940’s the hospital held over 2000 patients, overcrowding was severe, to say the least.

Originally the hospital was designed to provide residential treatment and care to the mentally ill. The hospital expanded to include a training program for nurses and a research laboratory. Reports were made, that inhumane treatments were being used to keep the patients under control. The patients were treated with shock treatment, lobotomies, drugs, and straitjackets. Dr. Charles Page, the superintendent stated that mechanical restraint unnecessary and harmful in cases of mental illness.

In the 1960’s other treatments became more popular so the incoming patients began to lessen. However budget cuts also played a role in the progressive decline in the hospital. Starting in 1969 the hospital began to close the wards, and by 1992 the hospital was closed completely, the patients were transferred to another facility within the state.

Now the hospital is closed to the public, and those who have attempted to gain access to the building have been arrested. Since the hospital has been closed, the only team allowed in the hospital at night was the Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group. They have not published/posted anything from this night, nor have they discussed it. Makes you wonder why?

The only reported ghostly sighting came from Jeralyn Levasseur, who lived at the hospital as a child, claimed she had seen a ghost pull the sheets off her bed, and manifested as an older, scowling woman. She claims it only appeared once, and she never felt threatened.

While there aren’t many documented experiences there is a great deal of potential ghostly activity. The staff in the hospital committed horrible acts upon the patients, as mentioned above but also including neglect and restraining children for days at a time. This negative energy left a massive psychic imprint in the decaying halls.

Stay Curious my Friends!

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