Double Feature – Hubie Halloween

In 2020, during the pandemic and lockdown which prevented the majority of us from participating in normal yearly events, like Halloween, Adam Sandler came to our rescue and provided a new movie for us to watch.

Rated PG-13, the movie takes place in Salem, MA. The ideal place to be for Halloween, or any time of the year. Salem is on the bucket list.

We meet Hubie Dubois, who loves his hometown of Salem, and all that is offers; especially his town’s Halloween celebration. But since Hubie is mocked by both adults and kids a like when he raises concerns about things that go bump in the night.

A murder mystery with comedic undertones, as only Adam Sandler can do.

As with most Adam Sandler movies, this movie has similar names that appear in most of his movies including:

  • Adam Sandler – Hubie Dubois
  • Kevin James – Sgt. Steve Downey
  • Julie Bowen – Violet Valentine
  • Ray Liotta – Mr. Landolfa
  • Steve Buscemi – Walter Lambert
  • Maya Rudolph – Mrs. Hennessey
  • Tim Meadows – Mr. Lester Hennessey
  • And many other big names, including his wife and daughters in real life.

Grab the kiddos, some mini candy bars and some cool drinks, and settle in to enjoy Hubie Halloween.

Coming Soon!

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