Hello my beautiful lovelies!! Another week has ended, and a new week is beginning so it brings along another beauty post. Today we are finishing up the eyes with your eye fringe….Lashes.

I’m entirely jealous of men with thick, long lashes (get your mind out of the gutter), and also my two daughters who have better eye lashes than I do, even if I were to put on the best volumizing mascara and curl them to perfection. Yes your girl here has wimpy lashes, that are sparse, with no discernable curl, and could use some miracle grow.

But even if you have wimpy lashes like myself, there is help for us both. First option is false lashes. Now I have yet to master this myself as it seems I’m disabled when it comes to applying false lashes. But I’m determined to make it work, so I shall keep trying.

In regards to false lashes, there are many options too. The majority of lashes are simply applied with eyelash glue. And here is where I have an issue, the glue option doesn’t always work for me. Do I need to have a special Voodoo ritual, blood of a virgin, gang symbol, and tears of a Dutch milkmaid? But hypothetically they should be applied easily with the glue.

Now I learned that there was a tip, to let the glue dry slightly but, this is still a work in progress.

Besides the glue option, there are magnetic lashes, which have tiny magnets on the lashes that connect to each other on the lash. The ones I’ve attempted to do were a double layer of lashes on the top lash line, and before I can get them applied properly they are connected to each other….so again, I’m having issues with these as well.

Another option for false lashes is also a magnetic option, but it’s with an eyeliner. You apply a double layer of magnetic eyeliner and then apply the lashes. This is the only one that has even remotely worked for me. So I will continue to work with this option until I either master it, or give up entirely.

The last option you could consider, this may be my only chance of having beautiful lashes, is lash extensions. This is something that looks amazing, but remember, you need to clean your lashes because you do not want to have something growing in your lashes when they are that close to your eyes.

Regardless of the lashes that you have, use, or apply, be sure to clean your lashes and use products that are not expired.

Other options to help your lashes look their best, eye lash curlers, and eyelash comb/brushes. You can easily help curl your lashes by heating up your curler with a hair dryer and then curling your lashes.

The one thing I wish I could do is have amazing lashes, and I am determined to keep trying at least for a while still. If you have any fail-proof techniques to applying your lashes, I would love to hear them. Please share with me.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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