Movie – The Blair Witch Project

In 1999, a movie was released that was touted as the lost documentary about The Blair Witch. It was described as three students, who were out in the woods outside of Burkittsville, MD, trying to find the fabled Blair Witch. It was reported that the three students were still missing when the movie was released.

But it was all false.

It was entirely made up to make the mockumentary. The three students were alive and well. They were simply actors portraying themselves for the film. Now with that said, was the film creepy and psychologically scary. At least for me, the last 15 minutes or so were the creepiest.

The movie is rough footage, meaning editing was minimal, and it was simply filmed to mimic home video recordings. The movie is entirely unscripted and the three main actors were given direction from the director by receiving notes on trees. They were also deprived of full meals to give that panic and despair that eventually occurred.

I encourage you to watch the movie, and even take a look at the second one which I found to be even creepier. The movie stars:

  • Heather Donahue – as herself
  • Michael C. Williams – as himself
  • Joshua Leonard – as himself

There are other minor actors who appeared as locals who commented on the Blair Witch.

Sit back, relax, turn the lights down low, and enjoy your movie!

Coming Soon!

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