Movie – House on Haunted Hill

This movie was released in 1999, it is based on a movie of the same name released in 1959 starring Vincent Price. This version is also not suitable for younger children, as it does have some moments of fright. But it’s a great movie.

Stephen Price (paying homage to Vincent Price in the original) and his wife Evelyn, are eccentric, rich, and bored. For Evelyn’s birthday she requests to have an overnight stay at the House on Haunted Hill, an old psychiatric asylum that has a long memory of the past.

Inviting ten unknown guests to the party who are unknown to them, Stephen is gracious, Evelyn is brooding. The House is looking for revenge. Soon the guests are locked into the house, with the promise of whoever survives the night will get $1,000,000.

As the House begins to release the spirits and memories of the old asylum, they begin to attack the guests and people start dying. But will any of them live through the night? And why were these random guests invited to the party in the first place?

The cast includes:

  • Geoffrey Rush – Stephen Price
  • Famke Janssen – Evelyn
  • Taye Diggs – Eddie
  • Peter Gallagher – Blackburn
  • Chris Kattan – Pritchett
  • Ali Larter – Sara
  • Bridgette Wilson-Sampras – Melissa Marr

This is a great movie to watch, it’s engaging, entertaining, and frightfully fun. Give it a chance, watch it in the dark, and enjoy!

Coming Soon!

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