Double Feature – Fun Size

In 2012, Hollywood provided us a new movie to enjoy for Halloween/October instead of the usual Halloween movies. Fun Size is rated PG-13.

Teenager Wren wanted to enjoy her Halloween by attending a party, instead, her dysfunctional family changes those plans. Her mother sticks Wren with babysitting duty by taking her younger brother, Albert, trick or treating while she goes off with a boy toy.

During the trick or treating fun, Albert gets lost. And now Wren can’t find him. She enlists her best friend April, and two lovable geeks to help her. They need to track down Albert and get him home before her mother gets home. Along the way the quartet navigates some pretty crazy situations and unpredictable Halloween hijinks.

Fun size has the following:

  • Victoria Justice – Wren
  • Chelsea Handler – Joy
  • Ana Gasteyer – Jackie
  • Jackson Nicoll – Albert
  • Jane Levy – April
  • Thomas Mann – Roosevelt
  • Osric Chau – Peng

To enjoy this family friendly movie, grab those bags of fun sized candy bars, pop open some Coca-Cola’s and watch Fun Size.

Coming Soon!

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