Movie – The People Under the Stairs

In 1999, Wes Craven, the mastermind behind the Nightmare on Elm Street series, also gave us this movie. The People Under the Stairs is also a horror movie, that makes you judge your neighbors.

Fool, who just turned 13, wants to get even with his families landlord who is evicting them from their ghetto home. Another man, Leroy, offers to bring Fool along to rob the landlord home, which it rumored to be filled with gold. When the burglars enter the house they fail to find the reputed gold coins in the house, and two of them end up dead from the landlords, known as Mommy and Daddy.

Fool finds that he is now trapped inside the house. But lucky for him, the house has numerous tunnels and hidden passages behind the walls. Not only is Fool trying to escape Mommy and Daddy, but he has to stay away from the basement and the people who live down there.

Alice, a 12 year old girl living in the house with Mommy and Daddy, is helping Fool. She faces extreme punishment for helping him, but she’s hopeful he will escape and save them all.

The movie is a great option if you are tired of the blood and gore movies that are prevalent in most horror movies. Since this is rated R, be sure to have the kiddos in bed before starting the movie.

The People Under the Stairs has the following stars:

  • Brandon Quinton Adams – Fool
  • Everett McGill – Man
  • Wendy Robie – Woman
  • A.J. Langer – Alice
  • Ving Rhames – Leroy
  • Kelly Jo Minter – Ruby Williams

If you are looking for a movie, that is not just blood and gore, then choose this one and see if it meets your expectations. Grab a bag of Cheetoh’s, some good quality beer, and sit back for the movie.

Coming Soon!

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