Movie – Misery

Stephen King has written numerous novels, short stories, and novellas, many of which have been adapted to movies and TV mini series. This movie is also a Stephen King book turned movie, and it’s one that makes squeamish when Kathy Bates is administering to her guest.

Since I am not about spoilers, you will have to see the movie to appreciate the squeamish factor and enjoy the suspense that only Stephen King can create.

Misery is about a novelist who is successful for his series of books with the main character being name Misery Chastain. After a car accident in the mountains, the novelist, Paul, wakes up in a cabin. Here he meets Annie Wilkes, his biggest fan.

Soon Paul realizes that Annie isn’t as gracious of a hostess as he initially thought, and things go real bad when Paul’s latest book comes out and Annie’s favorite character, Misery, dies. She insists that he write a new book, just for her, where Misery continues to live. And if he fails to produce a book that she likes…well things can get real bad for Paul.

Misery has the following stars:

  • James Caan – Paul Sheldon
  • Kathy Bates – Annie Wilkes
  • Richard Farnsworth – Buster
  • Frances Sternhagen – Virginia

Buckle up for this movie. It is rated R so I suggest not having younger children in the room. But grab some chips, candy and drinks, and enjoy the show!

Coming Soon!

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