Double Feature – Practical Magic

Any movie about witches, good, bad, ugly, nice, green, I’m on board to watch. When this movie came out in 1998, I was hooked. Not only is the story line awesome, it stars an amazing cast, and not to mention the house that the Owens women live in.

Practical Magic follows the story of Sally and Gillian Owens. Two orphaned sisters who go to live with their eccentric aunts. They aren’t raised conventionally, but they do learn about their heritage and how to help the townspeople with what ails them. Whether it be cold or heartbreak.

When the sisters grow up, they both take different paths, Gillian is the ultimate party girl, and never settles down for too long. Sally, gets married, has two daughters of her own, and becomes a widow. Starting a new business in her hometown where people think of her as a witch, while trying to be “normal”, Sally relies on her aunts to help her move on after the loss of her husband.

When Gillian needs Sally to help her from an abusive situation, Sally comes to her aid, but they sisters meet trouble, and it follows them home. Along with a law man from Arizona. Will Sally accept her true heritage to help her sister?

Practical Magic stars:

  • Sandra Bullock – Sally
  • Nicole Kidman – Gillian
  • Stockard Channing – Aunt Frances
  • Dianne Wiest – Aunt Jet
  • Aidan Quinn – Gary Hallet
  • Goran Visnjic – Jimmy Angelov

Prepare for some Practical (and impractical) Magic, have some chocolate cake and make some midnight margaritas, and enjoy the show!

Coming Soon!

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