Movie – 1408

Another movie that was adapted from a Stephen King story. This movie was released in 2007 and is rated PG-13. However, I still wouldn’t recommend young children to watch this movie.

1408 isn’t necessarily blood, gore, and a deranged killer. This movie is more on the line of a psychological thriller, suspenseful, frightening as only the thoughts in our heads can be.

This movie takes place in the fictional Dolphin Hotel, room 1408, which is permanently not available for guests. But paranormal debunker, Mike Enslin, threatens the general manager and is finally allowed to check in. He had been given full warning that over 50 guests have died in the room in the past.

When Mike enters his room, he begins to realize that those that may have died, may actually still be in the room with him.

1408 stars:

  • John Cusack – Mike Enslin
  • Samuel L. Jackson – Gerald Olin
  • Mary McCormack – Lily
  • Tony Shaloub – Sam Farrell

Order up some room service, put the Do Not Disturb sign out, and prepare to check into your room, 1408.

Coming Soon!

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