Double Feature – Ghostbusters

In 1984, we were introduced to Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, and Dr. Egon Spengler. I was five years old and saw it in the theater with my parents. At five I was a little startled at the beginning of the movie, but remember it was a movie about ghosts. I may have been scared, but it was my first exposure to the world of the paranormal.

I’ve watched this movie hundreds of times, and I love it every single time. I will watch it even if I just finished watching it. My favorite characters are Peter, Ray, and Louis. So here is what you can enjoy while watching Ghostbusters.

We meet the three doctors who are spectacularly fired from their jobs at the university. They decide to go into business on their own. They plan to become the premier paranormal investigation and elimination company in New York. Their first client, Dana, has a case that is nothing like they had ever experienced before. After beginning the case, their business begins to boom. They are in demand and gaining popularity each day.

Eventually, the government wants to poke their nose into their business. And since they weren’t given the details of their proprietary information, they come to close the business and shut down their ghost containment system. This may have started the end of the world. And it all comes down to the top of Dana’s apartment building, a Sumerian god, dogs, and a marshmallow man. How it all comes together, you will need to watch it for yourself.

Ghostbusters stars:

  • Bill Murray – Dr. Peter Venkman
  • Dan Aykroyd – Dr. Raymond Stantz
  • Harold Ramis – Dr. Egon Spengler
  • Ernie Hudson – Winston Zeddemore
  • Annie Potts – Janine Melnitz
  • Sigourney Weaver – Dana Barrett
  • Rick Moranis – Louis Tully

You will enjoy the humor, the ghosts, and the Marshmallow man. Enjoy the movie!

Coming Soon!

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