Rocky Hill Castle

Alabama has some awesome options when looking to find a haunted location. Today we visit another reputed haunted location, but sadly the original plantation house is no longer there, and another house has been built. But let’s talk about Rocky Hill Castle in Courtland, AL.

In the mid-1820’s James Edmonds Saunders and his wife arrived in Alabama from Georgia. James was a planter and an attorney. Acquiring over 640 acres, the Saunders’ wanted a grander dwelling that reflected their stature. During the American Civil War the newly reconstructed house served as a hospital. Afterwards the house and property were handed down until it was eventually sold to someone outside the family, who then demolished the house.

It’s reputed that James Saunders grandson, Dudley, and his family had abandoned the house due to ghostly activity. Whether that was true or not is hard to determine. However, the paranormal phenomena includes: knocking and banging of unknown origin, a ghostly lady in blue, ghosts of Civil War soldiers, and the ghosts of tortured slaves.

The photo above appears to have the profile of a man with a collared shirt on the right side of the picture. Could it be one of the ghosts that had resided at the property? Because the house is no longer there, it’s possible some spirits still reside around the land, but most likely the activity has diminished or is now completely gone.

Happy Haunting my Friends!

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