Lip Liner

Hello again my beautiful lovelies! We are almost finished with our beauty list, today its onto the lips. And let’s start with lip liner. Lip liner is used to fill in the areas of your lips that are uneven before applying lipstick. It’s also a great tool to use against bleeding lipsticks. I’m looking at you red lipsticks, you know you like to bleed.

Lip liners come in every colors that you can imagine. The lipsticks that are offered have a liner that will coordinate, or at least contrast to the shade. I’m not a fan of the dark liner and light lipstick. I didn’t like it when it was popular in the 90’s and I still don’t like it.

I recommend the liner that matches your lipstick, so if it rubs off during your day and you do not reapply it, you will not have a dark line around your lips that looks odd. But the trend lately is to use the liners to help create the illusion of dimension and depth, bypassing the duck lip look.

I’m not going to sit here tell you to buy the most expensive lip liners, or only a certain brand. Lip liners, are lip liners, I do not see a difference in the formulas from brand to brand. I’m more concerned with matching my lipstick and liner together. So I do not have that recommendation for you. Wet n’ Wild, MAC, Revlon, Milani, Chanel…you choose what you like, what you can afford.

Remember you are beautiful the way you are, and you only need to use make up for you, not anyone else.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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