Movie – Thir13en Ghosts

Unique things and those who collect them are always interesting, and then when you inherit a unique collection, well you think maybe good things will start to happen for you and your family, but not the case for Arthur Kriticos and his family.

After the loss of his wife, Arthur and his family learn that his uncle, Cyrus, passed away, leaving his estate to Arthur. The family quickly moves into the house, and it’s an unusual one. It appears to be made of glass, but when the family enters, it seems to go into a lockdown mode.

Nobody can get in, but more importantly, nobody can get out. Arthur soon realizes that there are more than just the four of them in the house.

Being informed of what also resides within the house with them, from people who had previously worked for or were fighting against Cyrus. But who will survive in the house, the family or the other entities that lived within?

Thir13en Ghosts stars:

  • Tony Shaloub – Arthur Kriticos
  • Shannon Elizabeth – Kathy Kriticos
  • Embeth Davidtz – Kalina Ortezia
  • Matthew Lillard – Dennis Rafkin
  • Alec Roberts – Robert ‘Bobby’ Kriticos
  • Rah Digga – Maggie Bess
  • F. Murray Abraham – Cyrus Kriticos

This movie is quite thrilling, and it can be a little too harsh for younger viewers, this movie is rated R. So enjoy the show, sit back, relax, and concessions available in the lobby.

Coming Soon!

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