Movie – Psycho

Well before Freddie Highmore portrayed him, before Vince Vaughn attempted to revive the series, there was Anthony Perkins and probably the role that he is most famous for, Norman Bates.

The movie Psycho, released in 1960 and was an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Hitchcock was infamous for making movies that were not always as they appeared, he was the original. This movie I watched when I was younger, and honestly it bothered me, I was terrified of the house (but now would love to live in it).

When I was 7 years old, we moved into town and my mother managed a motel. I didn’t want to move into it, because to me it reminded me of The Bates Motel. However we moved into it, creepy house not included.

So Bates Motel, we meet the owner, Norman Bates who runs a small motel on the outskirts of a small California town. He’s lived there with his mother, and runs the motel even if they aren’t getting as much business as they used to get.

When Marion Crane checks into the motel, Norman gives her the key to room 1. Unfortunately room 1 is next to the lobby and Norman has a small peep hole into the room. Watching her change, and get into the shower, he feels something and knows it isn’t right.

But unfortunately his mother comes, with her butcher knife, and murders Marion Crane in the shower. That was a classic scene. Norman cleans up after his mother, and disposes of the body and the car. But sadly Marion has police looking for her from Arizona, her boyfriend, and her sister are all investigating Marion’s disappearance.

Psycho stars:

  • Anthony Perkins – Norman Bates
  • Janet Leigh – Marion Crane
  • Vera Miles – Lila Crane
  • John Gavin – Sam Loomis

So put the kiddos to bed, grab a sandwich and soda, watch the movie, take a shower if you dare, and go to bed. You will enjoy this movie, and the suspense that only Alfred Hitchcock can bring.

Coming Soon!

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