Double Feature – Hotel Transylvania

I think this is a great family movie, one that kids and adults will enjoy. All year round. This movie is the start of a soon to be four movie series, and I was pleasantly happy with how the story line was told.

Mavis, who’s father is over protective of her, and oh yeah, he’s Dracula. Mavis is turning 118 soon, and she has a big wish for her father to grant. Dracula has been dreading this day as he knows his little girl is going to ask to go out and see the world. By herself. He had purposely constructed a hotel deep inside Transylvania to protect “monsters” from humans. And for over 100 years he’s been successful, until this year.

Enter backpacking, red headed, human, Jonathan. He’s backpacking through Europe and is oblivious to where he is at, but Dracula knows he’s not a monster. So in his attempt to throw the best birthday party for Mavis, letting her experience the world (or what he constructed of the world for her to see), getting rid of Jonathan before the other monsters realize he’s human, and providing Mavis with the gift her mother left for her; Dracula realizes that his daughter has fallen in love, and he can no longer protect her.

Watch at Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, the Mummy, the Invisible man, and a whole cast of monsters, witches, ghosts, and suspicious cooks celebrate a milestone birthday.

Hotel Transylvania stars:

  • Adam Sandler – Dracula
  • Selena Gomez – Mavis
  • Andy Samberg – Jonathan
  • Kevin James – Frankenstein
  • Steve Buscemi – Wayne
  • David Spade – Griffin
  • CeeLo Green – Murray
  • Fran Drescher – Eunice
  • Molly Shannon – Wanda

This one is for the whole family, get those jello cups, red juice cups, and sit back and laugh along with the hijinks of the monsters.

Coming Soon – To Be Announced

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