Movie – Exorcist

In 1973 the world was introduced to a movie that showed evil on a different level. It was something that you couldn’t prevent, as it could happen to anyone. I’m talking about the movie The Exorcist, about a young girl who is possessed by an evil entity, and goes through the exorcism performed by the Catholic church.

The Exorcist starts out in Washington DC, when an actress and her twelve year old daughter are staying in a rented brownstone house while filming a movie. During their stay the mother starts to hear odd noises, and notices odd things happening with her usually calm daughter.

Things get worse and Regan, the daughter, exhibits more extreme violent and super human acts. Chris, the mother, contacts a doctor and when medications do not help, Chris is drawn to contacting the Catholic church.

Father Damien Karras is having a crisis of faith due to his mother’s illness. Father Lankester Merrin is much older and realizes he will have to face a demon he had previously encountered. With their combined faith be strong enough to force the demon out of Regan, or will they fail and lose the child forever?

The Exorcist stars:

  • Ellen Burstyn – Chris MacNeil
  • Max Von Sydow – Father Lankester Merrin
  • Linda Blair – Regan MacNeil
  • Jason Miller – Father Damien Karras

So grab that bowl of pea soup, have a glass of water, holy or otherwise, and enjoy the movie.

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