Haunted -Salem

Everyone who has gone through public school has at one time or another learned about Salem, Massachusetts. How in 1692 there was mass hysteria, and innocent people were accused, tried, convicted, and executed for being a witch.

Books and movies have discussed this subject in great detail and I don’t plan to do that here, what I plan to do is to relay areas of Salem, MA, that are reputed to be haunted whether from 1692 or 2021. We all seem to be fascinated with the haunted locations, and yearn to experience something supernatural ourselves.

Salem capitalizes on their heritage especially during Halloween, when people from all over the world come to visit, and see where “witches” were executed, were people may have experience things that go bump in the night, or just to enjoy the festivities that October provides. If you plan a trip to Salem in October, or any time, these may be a few things you will want to check out:

The House of the Seven Gables – This isn’t just a book by Nathaniel Hawthorne, it’s an actual house located in Salem, it was originally owned by John Hathorne, one of the judges during the Salem Witch Trials. After the trials the family and for generations afterward, who were once one of the wealthiest, began to become ill, die mysteriously, or lose their wealth in bad deals. It’s claimed that the “Hathorne curse” remains on the house for any who dare to enter.

The Trial of Dorothy Talbye – Before the Witch Trials began and innocent people were executed, there was the case of Dorothy Talbye. In 1639, Dorothy who was very mentally ill at the time, killed her 3 year old daughter because, “God told her to”. Unfortunately for this act, Godly or not, Dorothy was hung. It is reported that she walks among the Salem cemeteries looking for her daughter.

Proctor’s Ledge – It’s well known that when the innocent citizens of Salem were murdered, they were hung from the gallows. The site of those gallows were on Proctor’s Ledge. It’s now a memorial for those souls who were executed there over 300 years ago. However people report a dark energy in this area, and honestly I don’t blame those who were hung here and unceremoniously tossed over the edge and not provided a decent burial to still have some lingering anger.

The Old Burying Point Cemetery – Judge John Hathorne is said to be buried in this cemetery, and he was known as the hanging judge during the Witch Trials. Many who have visited this cemetery and his 300+year old grave have gotten a glimpse of a shadowy image. He had sentenced “witches” to death whether guilty or not, and now has their blood upon his soul.

The Joshua Ward House – The house is thoroughly entrenched in legend and superstition, many believe that 81 year old convicted witch, Giles Corey cursed and condemned Sheriff Corwin’s spirit to wander the earth for eternity, and in the basement of the home many visitors have experienced feeling choked by an unseen force.

So when you visit the “most haunted city in the United States”, you will have to find out which places are the most active for you.

Happy Haunting!

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