Movie – Hostel

2005 saw the release of the movie that all those who traveled, cringed at. Those who backpack through Europe and stay in hostels all the time, may be more hesitant to travel and stay is some unknown places.

Such as with the aptly named movie, Hostel. Hostel starts out in Amsterdam where three backpackers are locked out of their hostel for the night. They meet a man who advises them of a hostel in Eastern Europe where there are women who are friendly to Americans. The next day the three of them board a train to Slovakia.

Once they arrive in the little village and check into their hostel, they meet other travelers and enjoy a night out at the club, where they dance, drink, and then end up having sex. The next day one of them is missing. The remaining two friends, notice strange things happening around the hostel, the town, the people, and they want to find out what’s going on.

Eventually they discover what is happening, but it may be too late for the people they met and themselves.

Hostel stars:

  • Jay Hernandez – Paxton
  • Derek Richardson – Josh
  • Eythor Gudjonsson – Oli
  • Barbara Nedeljakova – Natalya
  • Jana Kaderabkova – Svetlana
  • Jennifer Lim – Kana

This movie will make you want to book a flight, find a local hostel, and enjoy traveling internationally!

Coming Soon – To Be Announced

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