Movie – Children of the Corn

We are talking about another Stephen King short story, Children of the Corn. This movie was released in 1984, and it is a rather scary the thought that an entire small town, can be controlled by a child.

Child preacher, Isaac, arrives in Gatlin, NE. He convinces all of the children to murder anyone over the age of 18, and the children do it. Three years later, a man and woman are traveling across the country and are driving through Nebraska. When they hit a person on the road, they arrive in Gatlin to report it, even though they were told to go around Gatlin.

Soon the children are hunting them to be sacrificed to the entity known as “He Who Walks Behind The Rows” a demonic force that controls the children in the cult. When the woman is captured to be sacrificed, the man rescues her in the night. Now they have to find another sacrifice to take her place. But who will be on the pyre to the demon?

Children of the Corn stars:

  • Peter Horton – Burt
  • Linda Hamilton – Vicky
  • John Franklin – Isaac
  • Courtney Gaines – Malachai
  • Robby Kiger – Job
  • Anna Marie McEvoy – Sarah

Pop some popcorn, grab a cocktail, and settle back to watch a movie about cult loving kids who take their beliefs too far.

Coming Soon – To Be Announced

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