Mount Morgan Witches Grave

Today I take you way outside of the United States, we are going to Mount Morgan, Queensland, Australia. So I will share with you the information I was able to gather, but I will be also sharing with you some of my opinions, but really it’s unknown as to why the grave is located and positioned the way it is and the history of who is buried below.

The name on the grave is listed as Francis Wilson, the spelling indicates the masculine spelling, but due to the erosion on the grave it may be Frances, the feminine version of the name. Who is Francis/Frances Wilson?

All research I’ve found stated that Francis was a young man originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, and was trained as a blacksmith. He had arrived in Australia in 1885, and passed away in 1889. There are no known records for a woman named Frances Wilson.

Now the bigger mystery revolves around the grave marker and the location of the grave. Many people suggest that Francis Wilson was a witch, first and foremost because the grave itself is located just outside of the cemetery burial grounds. Some claim that he is buried in unhallowed ground….why?

Well some say he either was a witch, or committed suicide. And with either explanation being buried outside the cemetery proper makes some sense. Because Francis died in 1889, witches were considered evil, soulless, minions of the devil. There fore should not be buried in a holy cemetery. On the other hand if he had committed suicide, he would have not been buried in a holy cemetery as that was also forbidden.

Another reason people feel that Francis was a witch was because his grave marker was facing West, instead of East. I had to research this further as it wasn’t immediately clear for me. In Christian cemeteries it was traditional to bury the deceased facing east as symbol of the anticipation of the second coming of Christ.

And if the headstone faced West, it was assumed that the deceased was not a Christian. It does not assume they are a witch, but could be of the Jewish faith. However in this instance is postulated that Francis was a witch as his headstone faced opposite of the majority of the graves in the cemetery.

The last aspect that people claimed proved that Francis was a witch were the markings on his headstone. There are three symbols at the top of the grave marker that people claim are witch symbols. Below are the three symbols and I will try to explain them further.

I have labeled them simply and we will start with Symbol 1. It looks like a normal five pointed star, but it not a Star of David that represents the Jewish faith. Now we have to answer the question, is the star in a circle or is it not in a circle?

Starting with the argument that it is in a circle, the Pentacle, is a well known Pagan symbol representing the five elements, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Spirit. If it were inversed, where the two points were at the top, it would represent more of a satanic link than white craft.

If the star is not in a circle, and it was simply just cut to be inset in the stone, then it’s just simply a star, and means whatever you want it to mean. But it is a symbol used with Witches, Occultists, Freemasons, and New Agers. It is also said that this symbol is used as the “All Seeing Eye” or “God’s Eye” and has been used in early Christian ceremonies. Primarily it is used in cult worship, but the cemetery association believes that it is a mark of the Freemasons.

Symbol 2 is a triangle with small circles on each of the three sides. This image represents a “power cone” used by witches in rituals and ceremonies. When placed on the ground it confines demonic forces. However it could also represent Freemason symbols but nothing concrete has been determined.

Symbol 3, has yet be identified and remains a mystery to researchers. However to me, it represents a triple goddess image often found in witchcraft.

With all the information presented, the cemetery association believes that Francis was a Freemason, and not a witch. But I am leaning more towards a witch first, possibly with Freemason ties. What do you think?

Stay Curious my Friends!

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