Movie – Child’s Play

We were introduced to Chucky in 1988, and we all became suspicious with the My Buddy Dolls that had been released in 1985. I never liked this movie, but it definitely has it’s following and a series of seven movies (so far).

The movie starts with a serial killer who is close to capture, and being pursued by a police officer in a toy store. Instead of being arrested, he performs a voodoo spell and transfers his murderous soul into a Good Guy’s Doll. The police officer shoots and kills the serial killer. Case closed.

Now the doll, with the murderous spirit inside, is purchased by a single mother for her son’s birthday. After giving him the doll, she has to go back to work and leaves her son, Andy, with a babysitter. Unfortunately, Chucky, has the desire to kill again, and commits murder when only Andy is in the apartment.

The police are suspicious of Andy, and his mother claims he could never have done that. When Andy talks with Chucky and tells his mother some disturbing secrets, she tries to tell the police officer, the same one who originally killed the serial killer.

Before he believes her, the cop thinks that both she and Andy are insane. But soon he realizes that they were telling the truth, will he be able to save Andy and his mother and stop the murderous Chucky?

Child’s Play stars:

  • Catherine Hicks – Karen Barclay
  • Chris Sarandon – Mike Norris
  • Alex Vincent – Andy Barclay
  • Brad Dourif – Charles Lee Ray
  • Dinah Manoff – Maggie Peterson

When watching this movie, be sure to have a piece of cake (it is Andy’s birthday after all) and see how long you can handle watching the movie with a Good Guy Doll.

Coming Soon – To Be Announced

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