Movie – Poltergeist

“They’re here…” One of the most foreboding lines in any horror movie. Poltergeist is another movie I had seen when young and thankfully I don’t recall too much about how I felt about it.

I do remember that I didn’t watch it multiple times, and that I did like the third movie in the series the best. But we are talking about the original Poltergeist, and young Carol Anne Freeling.

The movie starts out uneventful, we meet the Freeling’s, who are typical suburbanites. Steve sells real estate and Diane is a stay at home mom to the three kids. However they soon realize that they have unseen guests in the home with them. First it starts of with simple things, cupboards opening, lights going on or off. Mostly the family laughs at these events. But then it gets sinister.

One night a tree outside Robbie’s room, comes alive and takes him, thankfully they were able to get him back safely. But then the youngest, Carol Anne disappears into a spirit realm. She can only seem to communicate with her family through the white noise on the TV.

Her parents call in a team of parapsychologists, who attempt to bring Carol Anne back. The team witnesses the events happening in the Freeling home and try to explain what is really happening with the Freeling’s. They aren’t just being haunted, they have poltergeists.

When they realize they need more assistance they call in for a psychic medium, Tangina Barrons, who advises that Carol Anne is alive and still in the house, but on the other side. Since the child was born in the house she has her own bright light that confuses the spirits, and an evil entity likes this confusion and uses Carol Anne to keep the chaos happening.

Will the Freeling’s get their daughter back? Will they be able to live peacefully again? Watch the movie, and be sure to lock your closets when you go to bed.

Poltergeist stars:

  • JoBeth Williams – Diane Freeling
  • Craig T Nelson – Steve Freeling
  • Heather O’Rourke – Carol Anne Freeling
  • Dominique Dunne – Dana Freeling
  • Beatrice Straight – Dr. Lesh
  • Oliver Robins – Robbie Freeling
  • Zelda Rubenstein – Tangina Barrons

Enjoy the Show!

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