Double Feature – Dracula Dead and Loving It

This is a horror comedy. It’s a Mel Brooks film, and as I have said before, he’s a genius. The movie was released in 1995, and follows the Bram Stoker Dracula story to a degree, but interpreted as only Mel Brooks can do.

Taking place in 1893, the story starts with Thomas Renfield travelling to Transylvania from London to do business with the Count. The natives try to stop him from going, and even a gypsy woman attempts to protect him by offering him a holy cross. The Count is looking to purchase some property in London and that is the business to which they are completing.

After their business has finished, and during the night Count Dracula makes Renfield his slave and is completely under his control.

Upon their return to London, Renfield is committed to an insane asylum, while the Count is in full force in London. He meets the usual cast of characters in the classic Dracula story, Jonathan Harker, Mina, Lucy, and Professor Van Helsing. As the Londoners realize something is terribly wrong with the new owner of Carfax Abbey, is it too late for them to stop the Count and save themselves?

Dracula Dead and Loving It stars:

  • Leslie Nielsen – Dracula
  • Mel Brooks – Professor Van Helsing
  • Peter MacNicol – Renfield
  • Steven Weber – Harker
  • Amy Yasbeck – Mina
  • Lysette Anthony – Lucy
  • Harvey Korman – Dr. Seward

Enjoy the movie!

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