Movie – It

We could have easily had a month of Stephen King movies, as it were, I have another Stephen King movie, based on his novel today. This was actually released as a mini series on TV, and then remade in 2017 for the first part, and 2019 for the second part. Today I’m simply going to discuss the original series released in 1990, however the real differences in the productions is that the newer versions are more true to the book.

The movie takes place in Derry, Maine. And revolves around a group of kids who were typically picked on, beat up, abused, neglected, or treated differently. They are all the same age, preteens, and they all have seen It.

What they are facing is a demon who portrays himself as a clown. A killer clown. When they learn more about what they are facing, they have a name, Pennywise. And one summer they defeat It.

But 30 years later, the one member of the group who had remained in Derry believes that It has come back, and calls the rest of the group to battle it again.

Will the Loser’s Club finally defeat Pennywise?

It stars:

  • Tim Curry – Pennywise
  • Richard Thomas and Jonathan Brandis – Bill
  • Tim Reid and Marlon Taylor – Mike
  • Annette O’Toole and Emily Perkins – Beverly
  • Harry Anderson and Seth Green – Richie
  • Dennis Christopher and Adam Faraizl – Eddie
  • Richard Masur and Ben Heller – Stanley
  • John Ritter and Brandon Crane – Ben

So if you are in the mood for a demonic killer clown, then sit back and watch IT.

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