Double Feature – The Witches

When I discuss movies, it’s almost always going to be the original, or the first one that I have seen. The Witches first came out in 1990, and is a Roald Dahl story. It follows an orphaned boy and his Grandmother.

Luke and his Grandmother have moved to England after his parents died in Norway. He attends school and learns all about witches from his Grandmother, who in her youth had an unfortunate run in with a witch.

After falling ill, Grandma and Luke take a holiday to a hotel by the sea, and it’s at this hotel that a convention is taking place as well. It’s the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. And it’s headed by Miss Ernst, a fabulously adored woman.

But what we later learn is that this society is actually a group of witches, and poor Luke learns that a boy his age is turned into a mouse. And because of this, the witches are after Luke as well. Luke is turned into a mouse and he, along with Bruno his friend, and Grandma must fight the witches to prevent other children from being turned into mice. Will they be able to destroy the group of witches and figure out how to become human again?

The Witches stars:

  • Anjelica Huston – Miss Ernst
  • Mai Zetterling – Helga
  • Jasen Fisher – Luke
  • Rowan Atkinson – Mr. Stringer
  • Charlie Potter – Bruno
  • Jane Horrocks – Miss Irvine

This movie was also made with the use of Jim Henson Puppets, a magic of their own.

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