Movie – Jeepers Creepers

Released in 2001, Jeepers Creepers, introduced us to a new horror. One that wasn’t necessarily blood and gore, but one that played with our minds as much as instilling fear. This movie is worth watching, at least once, and it is the start of a four movie series. I’ll admit I have seen the second one, but not the remaining two movies.

The movie starts out with a brother and sister driving home from college for spring break. They are taking a scenic route and enjoying the drive when they notice someone disposing of something down a chute. Since they have time, Darry, convinces his sister to turn off and let him see what was disposed. The person who had been there had driven away.

Entering the chute, Darry discovers a lair of modified bodies, parts, and other macabre relics. Realizing that this isn’t something they should be involved in, they immediately leave to find the police. However the Creeper knows they saw his lair and he decides it’s time to hunt the new prey.

Darry and Trish meet many people along the way to escape and learn from a woman in town, named Jez, that the Creeper has a ritual. Every 23 years, in the Spring, he eats for 23 days. Who will be next for the Creeper’s appetite?

Jeepers Creepers stars:

  • Justin Long – Darry
  • Gina Phillips – Trish
  • Jonathan Breck – The Creeper
  • Patricia Belcher – Jezelle Gay Hartman
  • Brandon Smith – Sgt. Davis Tubbs
  • Eileen Brennan – The Cat Lady

“Jeepers Creepers, where’d you get those peepers.”

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