Haunted Transylvania

No October would be completed without taking a trip to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania and enjoying the region known as Transylvania. This region has been mentioned in most versions of the Dracula story, and even cartoons like Vampirina. Transylvania is synonymous with Spooky. So let’s see if the hype is even close to the truth.

When visiting Transylvania and looking for something haunted, perhaps some of these options will give you the spook you need.

Bran Castle – This is touted as Transylvania’s most popular castle, and the one mostly associated with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This was also the favorite residence of the Romanian Queen, Marie. In addition to the setting, it hosts a museum that honors both Marie, and the Dracula legend. Many consider the castle to be haunted not only because of the undead souls that haunt villagers at night but the brutal medieval past.

Rasnov Citadel and Hunyad Castle – The Castle and Citadel have a unique shared legend about the digging of a well. There are two versions of this legend, both say the well took over 10 years to dig, in one case there were 2 Turkish prisoners digging for their freedom, in the other it was over a dozen prisoners. In both cases the wells have either verses from the Quran etched into the walls, or inscriptions lamenting their fate at the hands of Non-Muslims. Both wells have a sense of oppression and doom and human bones were found in the bottom of the one well. Nobody knows the real truth.

Poenari Castle – This castle is tied to the inspiration behind Dracula, Vlad Tepes. He used it briefly during his campaigns and it’s said to be haunted by the wife of the Impaler, who jumped to her death rather than be taken by invaders. Those who have been on the grounds at night have noticed floating orbs and flashing lights.

Banffy Castle – This is now a shell of a castle. It has contributed to stories of the supernatural within it’s vicinity. The castle suffered a fired during WWII and the retreating Nazi soldiers. This location was also visited by Ghost Hunters International. The ghosts may or may not be around after the reconstruction to the castle, but it’s reputed to have a haunted staff.

No offense to any other location in Romania, I’m sure it’s a country with many other ghost stories to relay, but I wanted (and hope I succeeded) in telling you about the ones in the Transylvania region.

Happy Haunting!

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