Movie – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Movies are released all the time, some are classics that are from an era of Hollywood not seen anymore. Others are award winning movies, that everyone talks about. And still others are ones that make you wish that this isn’t based on a true story. This is one of those movies.

In 1974, we met five people on their way to check their grandfather’s grave as they had heard it had been desecrated. Taking the backroads through Texas they check on the grave, and realize it’s unharmed, and then decide to check out the old Hardesty homestead while they are out that way.

Along the way they stop and pick up a hitchhiker, but the creepy hitchhiker becomes violent after they refuse to pay him $2 for a Polaroid picture. When he begins to cut himself and one of the group, they toss him from the van. Stopping later for gas they inform the owner that they will heading to the Hardesty homestead, and the owner advises them to stay away from that area, as there is a family around there that doesn’t appreciate strangers.

Not heeding his advice, they arrived at the deserted home and begin to look around. But when they begin to split up, that’s when trouble begins. Two of the group hear a generator and go to ask for some fuel, but no reply when knocking at the door. Entering the house, the man is immediately killed and the woman is shortly after, by Leatherface.

Eventually there is only one left, will she survive the night, or will she be murdered along with her friends? Watch the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and find out for yourself.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre stars:

  • Marilyn Burns – Sally
  • Edwin Neal – Hitchhiker
  • Allen Danziger – Jerry
  • Paul Partain – Franklin
  • William Vail – Kirk
  • Teri McMinn – Pam
  • Gunnar Hansen – Leatherface

Grab some barbecue sandwiches, and enjoy the show!

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