Double Feature – Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

If you love things that are dark, spooky, and not always “normal” then you will love Elvira. She’s the busty, late night horror hostess, that is trying to open an act in Las Vegas. The only problem is, she needs some major moola to help finance it.

After quitting her job and realizing she will need to find another crappy one to finance her dream, Elvira receives a telegram advising of her Great Aunt’s passing. Thinking her luck is about to change, Elvira heads to Massachusetts for the will reading and to collect her inheritance.

When she arrives, it’s not what she expects. The small town is under the governance of Chastity Pariah and her other board members. They are adamantly against all that Elvira represents.

Elvira had made friends with the high schoolers, and the movie theater owner, Bob. She attempts to raise money by putting on a show, but it thwarted by the local bowling alley owner. Eventually the town board members call upon an old city ordinance that allows them to prosecute Elvira for witchcraft.

Tied to the stake, Elvira has only Bob, the school kids, and her new inherited dog to help her out. Will she be able to escape the flames?

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark stars:

  • Cassandra Peterson – Elvira
  • Charles Woolf – Manny
  • Kris Kamm – Randy
  • Daniel Greene – Bob
  • Susan Kellerman – Patty
  • Jeff Conaway – Travis
  • Frank Collison – Billy
  • Ellen Dunning – Robin
  • Edie McClurg – Chastity Pariah

Dreams really do come true! Enjoy the Show!

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