Double Feature – Beetlejuice

I remember when I was in Junior High that I was often called Lydia by this boy at school. I didn’t know him but I liked it, and since I had dark hair, and was myself a little “strange and unusual” it seemed to be accurate. So today we have Beetlejuice.

1988, Tim Burton gave us Beetlejuice. It was a story of a couple who die unexpectedly but don’t cross over to the afterlife. They remained tied to their home, even when a new family moves in and completely changes the entire thing, except the attic which remains their only refuge.

When they try to scare the family out on their own, they are unsuccessful and soon the money hungry parents are looking at making the home and the Maitland’s a paranormal attraction.

When things start to go from bad to worse, the Maitland’s and the daughter of the family call upon Beetlejuice to help them evict the Deetz’s from their home. But will Beetlejuice really help them or did he use them for his own ulterior plans.

Beetlejuice stars:

  • Alec Baldwin – Adam
  • Geena Davis – Barbara
  • Michael Keaton – Beetlejuice
  • Catherine O’Hara – Delia
  • Jeffery Jones – Charles
  • Winona Ryder – Lydia
  • Glenn Shadix – Otho

Get some Chinese take out, and watch Beetlejuice with the whole family!

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