Movie – Friday the 13th

Sometimes there are shows where the villain is one that you love (Darth Vader), sometimes there are villains you hate (Dolores Umbridge) and sometimes there are villains that you would love to hate but you can’t, for me that’s Jason. He has been my favorite movie villain for a long, long time. So today this is for him.

Friday the 13th takes place at Camp Crystal Lake where a group of counselors are planning to reopen the camp after a terrible accident occurred over twenty years ago. A young boy named Jason had drowned in the lake. The following year, two counselors were murdered. The camp had remained closed.

But as the group works to clean and repair the buildings, strange things begin to happen, and people begin to die. Stories of Jason are revealed, but how could a young boy who died in 1957 be killing people in 1980?

The townspeople had encouraged the owners to NOT open the camp, they didn’t want or need anymore bad press about it, but the owners didn’t listen and went ahead with the repairs. Now people are dying and the other counselors don’t know who is hunting them or why.

Is Jason out for revenge or is something else happening?

Friday the 13th stars:

  • Betsy Palmer – Mrs. Voorhees
  • Adrienne King – Alice
  • Kevin Bacon – Jack
  • Peter Brouwer – Steve Christy

Enjoy the movie and stay out of the lake!

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