National Frankenstein Friday

I was originally going to post about a paranormal location, but when I realized that today is National Frankenstein Friday, I knew I had to make this the subject for the day.

There are two days in the year that celebrate the monster known as Frankenstein. Doctor Frankenstein created a living monster from body parts of the dead. In his laboratory, he made the monster come to life. Frankenstein is the name given to the monster, named after his creator.

Frankenstein Day is on August 30. This day is in honor of author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley who was born on August 30,1797. She wrote the book “Frankenstein “in 1818.

Frankenstein Friday is the last Friday in October. The doctor’s name was Victor Frankenstein and the creature was known as Frankenstein’s Monster; generally shortened to Frankenstein.

Frankenstein Friday celebrates the birth of Frankenstein and its creator. Frankenstein is one of the best known horror characters, dating back to the 1800’s. We can’t imagine the Halloween season without the presence of Frankenstein, lurking somewhere in the darkness.

To celebrate, why not watch a version of a Frankenstein movie, or even start reading the book.

Happy Frankenstein Friday!

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