Double Feature – The Haunted Mansion

Walt Disney has created an entire world in which a kid can experience adventure, fantasy, and fun. One of the rides at the park, was The Haunted Mansion. In 2003, Hollywood decided to make a movie based on this attraction.

Real estate agent, Jim Evers and his wife Sara, receive a call from a man who is looking to sell the mysterious Gracey Manor. Thinking they could be walking into a possible real estate gold-mine. Turning the trip to the estate into a family vacation, Jim, Sara, and their two children take a trip to Gracey Manor.

Arriving at the estate, the butler insists that they must stay as there is a big storm coming. The family is introduced to Master Gracey who is oddly obsessed with Sara. While talking with Master Gracey about selling the property, Jim ends up in a secret passage. The two children follow a floating orb to the attic where they see a painting of a woman who looks like Sara.

Madame Leota, a talking head in a crystal ball, tells them that Sara is in danger and that they had to lead the ghosts into the light to save her.

Will Jim and the kids be able to save Sara, and the house before it’s too late?

The Haunted Mansion stars:

  • Eddie Murphy – Jim Evers
  • Marsha Thomason – Sara Evers
  • Jennifer Tilly – Madame Leota
  • Terence Stamp – Ramsley
  • Nathaniel Parker – Master Gracey
  • Marc John Jeffries – Michael
  • Aree Davis – Megan

This is a family movie, and one that you can all enjoy.

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