Movie – Halloween

Two days left of the month of October and movies are winding down. Today we review the movie, Halloween from 1978. Again I refer to the original, and beginning of a franchise that is now thirteen movies strong.

The movie starts out on Halloween night 1963. We meet Judith Myers and her boyfriend. They make their way upstairs and eventually have sex. Judith mentions that Michael is around somewhere. Afterwards the boyfriend leaves, and the “observer” comes into the room where Judith is brushing her hair, half nude.

The clown mask that the boyfriend had dropped, is then picked up and Judith turns around and see Michael wearing the mask, being annoyed that he is in the room, but Michael begins to stab her repeatedly with a knife that he had with him. She was covered in blood.

Fifteen years later, October 30, 1978, Michael who has been living in an insane asylum, but due to his age, he may be incarcerated in another facility. However when the doctors arrive at the asylum, Michael, who is still violent, attacks them and steals the car, heading to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois.

Laurie Strode is a normal 17 year old girl, and she has plans to babysit that night. Throughout the day she sees the Sanitarium car racing around town, and a person apparently stalking her and her friends.

When she’s babysitting that night, Michael slowly begins to kill her friends, and then he comes after Laurie. Playing a game of cat and mouse, Laurie is not only looking to save herself, but she has to save the kids she is babysitting as well. Will Laurie be able to stop Michael?

Halloween stars:

  • Jamie Lee Curtis – Laurie Strode
  • Donald Pleasance – Dr. Sam Loomis
  • Tony Moran – Michael Myers
  • Charles Cyphers – Brackett

Watch out for the Boogeyman, and enjoy the movie!

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