The Last Double Feature – Hocus Pocus

No October or Halloween would be complete without watching Hocus Pocus. This movie is also a favorite of my sister’s, and since it is her birthday, I’m showcasing it today in her honor.

The movie begins in Salem, MA, in 1693. And for you historians out there it would be approximately 5 months after the Salem Witch Trials. We meet Thackery Binx, who has lost his sister Emily. When he realizes that she is heading to the woods, where the Sanderson Sisters live, and who are suspected of nefarious deeds, he has his friend wake his father and the rest of the townspeople and races into the forest to try and save Emily.

Sadly, he is too late, and he watches the sisters, who are in fact witches, suck the soul from her, retaining their youth. As he had attempted to thwart them, Thackery is punished and transformed into an immortal cat. And after he becomes a feline, the townspeople arrive.

That night, on All Hallow’s Eve, the witches are hung, but not before they place a curse, that they will be back.

300 years later, Salem, MA, 1993, Max is new to town, and is hearing about the legend of the Sanderson Sisters in class. However he is a non-believer, and is soon schooled on Halloween from the girl in class that he has a crush on. The rest of the class scoffs at his disbelief.

Max is then required to escort his younger sister, Dani, around for trick or treating, as their parents are going to a party at town hall. Max isn’t excited but has little choice. As they are going around, they run into the bullies from school and Dani, embarrasses her brother. When she gets upset, Dani claims she wants to go home, until Max apologizes and they realize they are in front of an amazing house.

The house belongs to Allison, the girl Max crushes on in school. After a few minute of sweet talking, Max asks Alison to make a believer out of him, and take him to the old Sanderson House. Once there, the three of them, Max, Dani, and Allison, look around the house, which was a museum, but now closed.

Max then chooses to light the ‘Black Flame Candle’ and brings the witches back from the dead. This does in fact bring the witches to life, and causes the three kids to run from the witches, with Binx the cat helping them on their way.

They find themselves on a race through the cemetery, the high school, finding their parents to get help (which doesn’t work), and ultimately back to the Sanderson House, with a final showdown in the cemetery.

Will the Witches succeed in brewing their potion to live forever, or will they run out of time and find that three ancient hags were no match for the 20th century. Watch Hocus Pocus with your family and cheer on who you want to win!

Hocus Pocus stars:

  • Bette Midler – Winifred Sanderson
  • Kathy Najimy – Mary Sanderson
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – Sarah Sanderson
  • Omri Katz – Max
  • Thora Birch – Dani
  • Vinessa Shaw – Allison
  • Doug Jones – Billy Butcherson

It’s all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!

Happy Halloween Birthday, Jennifer Y.

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